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Installing ActiveAlert application on iPhone

Instructions for installing ActiveAlert application on iPhone.

– Open the App Store

– Press Search (bottom of screen)

– In the search box enter “ActiveAlert” and press the search iCon in lower right

- The “ActiveAlert” app will probably show up at the top of the screen, click on it. The iCon looks like this:

– Press “Get” and the app will download and install. Note: the app is free. It’s about 16meg so you might want to be connected to a WiFi network when you do this step.

– Open the Active911 app, OK Msg about Sending you Notifications

– Click OK in response to “Unregistered Device” msg

– Click “settings” , then enter your unique Device Code (which you received from Wes) into the “Enter Code” field,. then press “Done”.

– Click “Allow” in response to msg about allowing “ActiveAlert” access to your location, then click OK.

– Finally Click “Alerts” and your ready to go.

– Wait (possibly several days) for the test page.

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