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USJSAR uses a smart phone app named ActiveAlert to notify members of pages. Instructions for installing and customizing the app are here:

When you get an alert the ActiveAlert app will notify you with a (customizable) sound. The Incident Commander would like to know who is going to respond to an Alert. Below are details on how to use the app and respond.

When you open the ActiveAlert app you will see the name of the Alert, in this case “Test Page”

Tap on the name of the Alert to see details.

Note that the first line under “Alerts” indicates the organization that sent the alert. If you are a member of multiple organizations (i.e. SAR and Fire Dept) you will see each organization.

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Details of the Alert will be displayed:

iPhone Android

If this were an actual Alert you would see more details, like this:

In some cases, GPS Coordinates are displayed above the response buttons. They are probably the locate of the person who sent the Alert (i.e. the EOC). Ignore them.

Review the details of the Alert, then using one of the five rectangular buttons, indicate your response. If you are going to respond to the Alert, press the “Resp” button.

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If you are unavailable to respond, press the “Unvl” button.

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Lets say you don’t want to respond right now, but if needed you would be available. In that case, press “Avail”. An example of this might be a rescue that turns into a long litter evacuation which might require more people than originally responded.

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The “Arriv” button could be used when you arrive at the staging area (trailhead, EOC) to let the Incident Command know you are there. In our area we often don’t have cell service at trailheads, so this usually can not be done.

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Finally there is the “Cancl” button. Lets say you indicated you are responding to an Alert and before you get there, you receive an Alert for a second incident. You can Cancel your response to the first Alert and then respond to the second.

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Back on the Incident Details page you will see “Response xx total”. If you tap on that item you will see the status of everyone who has viewed the Alert.

If someone has viewed the page but not indicated a response they will show as “watching”.

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